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New Caney, TX US

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Long term help is needed on Beth-El Farms.
We are a small goat/chicken farm tucked in the back of urban/rural community. I enjoy telling folks that I live at the end of nothing and the beginning of everything.
I say we but in reality, it's just me and my dream managing the progress and growth of this farm with help here and there. This is the culmination of a dream from 20+ years ago; to be self sufficient on a few acres. This farm has been growing since 2007. At present, there is only one of me. There are others that live here, My son is raising his family here also, but they have their own life and business to manage. As much as I would love them to be part of this vision, alas, they have their own...
Which leaves me to the task. I work from a home office and am tied to the desk at times, I must work to pay the bills so little of my time is left to maintain, let alone grow this farm. Being able to work on your own with little supervision after the initial task is reviewed is a huge plus. I don’t have time to micro-manage.
I'm learning as I go, life is a constant source of education and I enjoy the process.
We've been raising Boer goats for 5 years and started building the farm from there. Didn't know anything about goats when I started. Everything here is a work in progress. Be that as it may, there are always ongoing projects for the farm. The goat stalls need rock for a walkway between the stalls, this is a much needed project. There is gardening, weeding, planting, general grounds maintenance. Greenhouse start up, just finished converting a shed into a greenhouse so now it's time to set up. Fencing. I want to add specialty chickens and turkeys to the farm so I need small chicken coops built etc.
This farm can presently support one experienced worker resident (individual or couple) who is good at self starting - take a dream, idea or thought and put into action without constant supervision and ability to manage other short term WWOOFers as needed. The gentle growing of this farm requires much labor and multi-tasking abilities of homemaking, gardening and carpentry/building skills and a desire to grow with the farm in the areas of raising goats for milk and meat, chickens for meat and eggs and gardening, all for human and animal sustenance.
If you have a desire to help build a sustainable farm and settle in for a year or so, please contact me. I ask that you be obedient to conscience (God and gospel), and chaste in christian virtue. Living space will be evolving with growth. The ability to ‘scrap’ is a huge boon. One mans junk is another mans treasure. And the ability to use scrap to build with is a plus.
Volunteers are needed at every level and stage of growth so short term WWOOFers are always needed. I have a mobile home on the farm that I use as a shop on the property, this is in dire need of organization. We can make one room available to be used for sleeping, I also have tents and sleeping bags and air mattresses. It's not pretty but will keep you comfortable on a wet night. Transportation arrangements can be made from local/area depots. Children and pets welcome but must be discussed prior to arrival. I have grandchildren and pets.
Meals - now there's a concept. Some days I cook and some days I don't but there is ALWAYS food and a kitchen available for preparation. And when I cook, I let you know in advance. When I cook, I make enough to feed an army (or a large family). Clean up is shared.
There are plenty of activities in the surrounding area. Houston, Galveston, the Bay area. Fishing, hiking etc. It really is a beautiful area.

Email - I look forward to sharing with you.

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