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Ukiah, CA US

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We are operating a small family farm on 40 acres in northern California just south of Ukiah, in Mendocino county. Our sheep are fortunate to periodically graze in the beautiful Bio-dynamic vineyard across the street.

We have 2 Jersey dairy cows and 3 calves, raise Jacob sheep and have a small flock of Cashmere goats. Also have a mixed flock of free range chickens for eggs & meat, Standard Bronze turkeys, Muscovy ducks and geese. We do raise animals for food and can use help with the butchering.

I am starting seedlings for the garden & have just got some scions to graft onto the fruit trees which will go into the orchard in February. We would like to do some small test plots of grains this year and need fencing work in order to expand the planting areas.

There is a lot going on here and we could use the help of 3 or 4 folks who are not afraid of hard work and a variety of tasks. With a good working crew we hope to build a walk-in cooler; finish the interior of the barn with slip-straw walls; begin training the young steers as oxen, re-establish bee colonies; build some small alternative structures including a cob oven & bench, willow hut, hexa-yurt & stone tower; improve rainwater catchment & storage; solar installation.

We have work year round and we'd like to host folks who plan to stay for at least one month to maintain some stability. You would be expected to work 5 to 6 hours a day either on daily animal care, feeding, milking, training; gardening; general maintenance, mucking & cleaning; building projects or repair; cooking; wood cutting; farmers market; etc. Families are welcome but pets would have to be discussed. We are also actively looking for a caretaker(s) to stay on permanently to oversee operations.

Housing is dorm style on the 2nd floor of the barn or in a small trailer or you are welcome to tent. There is a kitchen area in the barn Staple foods are provided and of course foods we raise on the farm are available. We can't really accomodate special diets, but you are welcome to bring your own foods. Some meals will be eaten together and some on your own.

Our farm is located 3 miles from the main highway, all on paved roads. Ukiah is 8.5 miles north. We have one bike available and usually drive into town once a day (M-F)during the school year.

We speak English and a wee bit of Spanish. Thanks for your interest and good luck in your farm travels!

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