Mellow Waters Collective Bakery

Miami, FL US

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We are a new collective of 6 young guys and gals living on an acre of land in the heart of Miami, Fl. Our main production is organic sourdough bread for farmers markets, but for self sustenance, we also have chickens and ducks for eggs, alpine goats for milk and cheese, raise tilapia, catfish, koi, and grow vegetables, herbs, and tropical fruits like avocado, mango, and carambola. We are old friends, students, musicians, therapists, surfers, and bakers; and we open our doors every Friday night to the community for a feast in the garden.

We are looking for folks who are passionate in learning the craft of bread baking. We use natural leavens, mix and shape by hand, use only organic ingredients, and strive to be a village bakery with beautiful looking and delicious tasting bread. The work can sometimes be hard and long with lots of cleaning and early morning bakes; but there’s nothing more rewarding after a long bake then watching the warm crackling loaves fly out of the baskets at the farmers markets.

Along with bread baking, wwwofers will also be involved with the vegetable gardens, composting, animal care, and will be part of the lunch and dinner cooking rotations. We provide 3 meals a day, hot showers, and a place to sleep in either a tent or a room. We encourage one month commitments for the sake of quality. Longer apprenticeships are available and can be discussed in time. We speak English, Spanish, Italian, and some Hebrew. If interested, send e-mail with a brief description about yourself, and why you want to wwoof here.

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