Homestead Style Farm

Middlesex, NC US

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Mother Earth News type homestead style farm.

Part time job / lodging on a homestead style farm. About 20 minutes from Raleigh beltline (440).

Lots of room for your own large garden and possibly you to have some livestock. There might be room for you to do a CSA operation.

Residence available in approx. 60 - 90 days.
Garden space is available now.

The lodging is a 1996 single wide in good condition. 3 bedroom 2 bath. Secluded location. Woodstove.

Help with garden plots, mowing, free range chickens (eggs and meat), ducks (meat), heritage rabbits.

Ideally we would work out a co-operative arrangement for sharing labor / eggs and meat from free-range hens, broilers, ducks, rabbits asa well as vegetables raised on the farm. Meat rabbit production starting soon, with the goal of feeding rabbits entirely with feed grown on farm.

Deep green/energy retrofit on our existing house starting this year.

Excellent references required. Please reply with a short synopsis of all your skills and abilities and why this opportunity appeals to you. Please include a phone number.

Cats and dogs negotiable. If you have pets, are they neutered? If you have a dog, please include a description of dog and how it would get along with other dogs.

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