V.E.G.G.A.N. = Vegan Edge Guerrilla Gardening And Nesting


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Farm Description:

Please first read entire VEGGAN ad in computer wwoofusa.org farms directory in Santa Cruz, CA b/c it is long and detailed with useful relevant info. Any ad in wwoofusa book is truncated. So read my entire ad first, via computer:
Then contact me via both email and phone, and then clean sober smoke-free vegans may come to Santa Cruz CA to rendezvous in person for green guerrilla gardening creative teamwork super-heroism fun joy! :-D :-)

this is charitable non-profit = cannot offer room/board [food], but can guide to local santa cruz CA area farms/gardens that may trade food for day labor on farm/garden, yet may not allow you to sleep there, but i may assist you in forest camping as way to sleep nightly. also various other ways for you to get free vegan food here, including cafe gratitude grateful bowl by donation program.

Good Vegan friend: want wwoofers as vegan and/or pure vegetarian pals to help. we can haul compost/soil. we can make new plant/trees starts from fig cuttings, rosemary sprigs; and from seeds make new Loquat trees and sapote' and avos, peaches, misc, etc.....
Also help watering during summers dry rainless drought season.

Propagate fruit tree seedlings/saplings, plant/care for various trees;
and various gardens in greater community to volunteer by day while we creatively camo-camp Nest in Redwoods misc etc by night hidden like Band of Merry Friends like R'Hood and comrades Sure-Would For-Rest ! Santa Cruz and other coastal California and other California.

options to ride-share following tours of http://www.srivast.org see tour schedule: October 2011 California, and into ever brighter future...

www.srivast.org --^ also plans CA coastal eco-village.

if you come asap and help propagate fruit trees seedlings/saplings now, LOQUATS, AVOCADOS, Sapotes too, then we can later transplant them onto srivast.org CA cmty when the Land is eventually gotten.

meanwhile part of your task will/may be to communicate politely with locals with land, yards, space, to charm them into co-operating:
churches and other religious orgs, neighborhoods with homes with yard space.
hundreds seedlings can be nursed in relatively minor yard space, and can be single file lined up in ways that do not restrict pedestrian walking thru yard, for example.

you may help get youth groups involved.

Network/communicate about it...

Any season, year round; your freedom/Liberty to come and go as you please, sleep/rest/work/Labor as/when you feel like it.
Freedom Flow !

Please kindly communicate/correspond: 831-425-3334 listen; leave message anytime with your name and phones enunciated clearly up front at first and phone repeated thrice carefully every-time.


V.E.G.G.A.N. = Vegan Edge Guerrilla Gardening And Nesting.

Look up definitions of those words/phrases in dictionaries/searches online or hard-copy, misc, etc.

below is a Link to learn a bit about:

Guerrilla Gardening


nest: noun ~
A place affording snug refuge or lodging; a home.

1. To build or occupy a nest.
2. To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge.

Vegan diet: plants, not animal-products: no meat, fish, fowl, eggs, milk/dairy products. Harmlessness, Ahimsa, to hurt none [as far as possible.] No domestic-animal slavery of any sort, thus: no dogs/cats/pet-animals. However, with humble humor: petting your fellow humans of same species with mutual consent is fine ! ;-)

Edge is abrev. for Str8edge = Straight-Edge which in our context means: Clean sober smoke-free, as in: no smoking/drugs/alcohol. No toxic/poisons far as possible, and that supports Organic methods philosophies. Both Farms and Farmers ought be natural organic not toxic poison.

Co-operative Tribe: each participant/contributor/member be strong and self-reliant as possible re camp gear, acquire/prep vegan food for yourself to eat, misc, etc yet we try to care for each other and share as possible/wanted/needed/able. No set limitations on duration of stay, nor work hours. We trust one another to flow inspired from within each moment.

Another genius Einstein advocated imagination: imagine The Yobarian Knights, a tribe of elite Yobarian gardeners from planet Yobarian YodL Yo ! i Star* am King Yo !
We all humbly teach/learn/grow/share together. Team-work of Kindred-Spirits. Limitless Possibilities. Helping our Family of like-minds, kind-hearts, high-souls to survive/thrive until http://www.srivast.org gets planned/promised CA coastal Eco-village in ever brighter future.

No promises/guarantees; so please be strongly self-reliant like a Jedi Knight yet receptive to all we may give/receive/share together strengthened and mutually supported via tribal gathering, team-work, kindred spirits unification.

Everything cannot be explained in limited space here, so contact via phone/email and/or visit in person so we can talk while touring various local farms/gardens that accept day-time volunteers, misc, etc optys to get/be involved in greening Earth, perma-culture, organic edible Landscaping, freeing food sources/supplies, and freedom Liberty to Live Love Laugh Light Life..... :-D :-)

We are the greatest super-heroes, we write/share our glory story by simply Living it, now we need to re-unite the higher consciousness clans....

American-English is common language here; se habla Espanol un poquito {Spanish is 2nd Language in California} ; we are open to anyone of any languages; we can all teach/Learn peace-phrases in (m)any Languages.

our WWOOFers are only expected to be responsible for their own healthy upkeep re food/clothing/shelter misc etc; hours gardening daily or duration of stay is flexible and open and up to the freedom Liberty of each individual.

Near as possible please acquire your own or BYO: camp gear, tent, brown tarp as camo roof over tent, sleeping bag(s), backpack(s) to carry your camp gear and vegan food/drinks/water, head-lamps/camping-lights, gardening supplies such as gloves, hats, whatever you feel you may need or learn you want then to acquire.

if you do not already own some, maybe we can team-work to acquire the remainder here in Santa Cruz, CA.

Yet (m)any may opt to share, assist, help each other meet all needs for everyone involved.

non-toxic vegans sans pet-animals are less than 1% of pop.

So we are relieved and thrilled to find allies who can enjoy same/similar virtuous Lifestyle Ways.

We also may do activities educating public toward our vegan edge ways to transform humanity and gain more tribal allies.

We can get neighborhoods involved in granting yard space for potting soil containers nursing food-tree seedlings/saplings, misc, etc.

Limitless possibilities. We begin now at any humble level, and continue till co-create heavenly paradise peace on earth to benefit aLL, or die trying, or both as the case may be, eventually.

Transport may possibly be anything. for you to get here the nearest airports are closest San Jose, California [ SJO i think ], and 2nd is SFO [ san francisco international airport in California coast here.

a good discount airline serving san jose' CA airport is
www.southwest.com with low prices, specials, fair policies re getting to re-use full credit for a year if you miss a flight or change travel plans, etc, and i think they do not charge extra for up to 2 luggage stowed under plane at 50 pounds each, maybe it used to be 3 baggage of up to seventy pounds each ?
ask'm 1-800-i-fly-swa.

if arrive by those airports, then shuttle to nearest cal-train station, buy ticket on platform right away so you board train with ticket already in your possession, that is the rules of the cal-train. the machine-purchased ticket ought be to the station in san jose' called san jose diridon.
from there you catch bus hwy 17 express to santa cruz. i think the price might have risen recently from $4 to $5+.
no bathroom on that bus, so use airport and train bathrooms and also the train station has rest-rooms.
the bus ride hwy 17 express to santa cruz from san jose diridon station is a 55 minute or one hour ride.
enjoy views of redwoods etc trees as bus goes over hill top. :-)
windows may open if you desire healthy fresh air ventilation, pleasant breeze under your nostrils.

otherwise by land maybe use www.amtrak.com
or drive your own car
and/or ride-share with others via craigslist.org ride-share et al, and/or hitch-hike or pick up hitch-hikers, pedal bicycle(s), walk, jog/run like Redwood Forest G., or by ocean water float boat to harbor in Santa Cruz, California or paddle your raft to within swim distance of shore and drop anchor and get your wet-suited body onto your boogie-board with your foot-fins kick to shore; or get beamed down by the space-ship; or humanifest in temporal physiological form onto material earth plane from subtler dimensions, did mention it ?

after you are here local bus systems are good and $4.50/day pass, or $50/month pass if you plan to stay an entire named month such as merry month of May, for example. metro bus station is downtown santa cruz city across the street from 418 front street where various music/dance etc events may take place. the metro bus station and buses have headways bus schedule that shows routes and times etc.

$5+ maps of santa cruz county area available at local book-stores.

it used to be one could get cheap 25-cents but good quality map of santa cruz county area at youth hostel 321 main st, slick glossy thick folded map of about equal quality that bookstores and gas stations sell local area maps for 5-bucks or so.
See on map the various wild-lands and forests ?!
That's (y)our discreet camo-camping accommodations unless you wanna buy us farm-house with orchards on big acres Land ?! or if you charm humans into letting us tent camp their own owned lands, back-yards, whatever, redwoods groves on their private property con permiso.
otherwise its a human right to exist, sleep, make home camp, so we claim that right.

it helps us all get to know one another if you create and share profiles at facebook and myspace and share,
add/befriend ours there:



also am
if you have/make profile there.

joining this merry band of super-heroes is like being admitted to the jedi academy as a padawan learner jedi apprentice, and/or hogwarts school of witch-craft and wizardry or elite edu truly high higher highest edu b/c enlightenment.

are you brave? are you courageous? are you from off-planet? are you from heaven ? does your life on earth have mission, purpose, meaning ???

SaLLy forth on great adventure.... !

spring april may june
and some early july is
Loquat fruit tree season when we harvest edible fruit for the seeds to plant to propagate seedling fruit trees!

you may help by networking and charming locals into sharing yard space and watering chores.

c-list and freecycle.org etc may have free soil; any plastic containers make potting soil containers, maybe after we add holes on bottom for water drainage and cut any narrow tops to make wider tops.

we then may transplant them into earth each winter rain season.

long term welcome, any term OK, any help appreciated, even online from afar you can contact locals in
to get them to help with yard space for seedling/saplings nurseries.

winters we may also transplant potted avocado tree seedlings into earth, and others such as loquats, sapote {please remind me}, we may water in pots all sumemr then transplant in winter rain season into the earth.

all rain season fall/winter/spring here CA coast the roots may dig deep and get ready to survive the summer drought season.

you may help water seedling/sapling fruit trees all summer drought season, both potted ones and earth planted ones.

winter , december/january is also good time to prune figs/mulberries to make new saplings from cuttings.

my figs came to life this spring with green leaves, so the method surely works.
i can show you how, it is simple, easy.
Life force Energy has it's own will to Live.
we humbly assist, facilitate.

there is no limit to how many people may come participate, or help from near or far, or for what duration of time.
more the merrier, says R'Hood of the merry band.

but quality when in person counts:
vegan edge sans domestic-animals.

edge means str8edge means clean sober smoke-free = enjoying complete freedom from all drugs/alcohol/smoking.

this also makes us most excellent role models for getting youth groups involved experiencing learning directly and being inspired in helping maximize propagation of food bearing woody perennials ! :-)

you are trusted to self reliantly determine your own participation level/degree/amount.

also remind me we may plant Sapote' seeds to make those fruit tree seedling fruit trees !

wearing your own hand-made super-hero outfit is optional. ;-)

hey, inspirational and relevant reading suggestion/recommendation:

STR8EDGE {clean sober smoke-free; no smoking/drugs/alcohol }
AND DWELLS IN FOREST CLOSE TO NATURE, advocates planting fruit trees to the max.
advocates all govts to give free Land for all to make small humble home and large organic garden.
advocates eco-villages, intentional communities.


wwoofusa.org veggan host
comment by an unknown:

1/3/2011 11:02:02 AM by shelley42
Although i resonate with you on many levels and i admire what you are doing, the purpose of wwoof is to host wwoofers. to host a wwoofer means you feed them and shelter them so that they feel safe and comfortable. when a wwoofer feels appreciated, he or she tends to work very hard for the host.

you need to organize yourself better and find other outlets besides wwoof to secure volunteers for your projects. just my opinion.


dear wwoofusa.org

i never met her, she who commented---^
she never did visit here, so i think it is not proper use of comment section for her to invade with criticism when she never has even phoned me or emailed me not to mention visited me !

i cannot even use her comment i.d. shelley42
to figure out who she is in order to correspond with her.

so how can i rebuttle ? how can i correct her misunderstandings ?

so i invite her to correspond with me directly: phone, email; and even visit, and see if she goes even hungry even one day, not to mention starving.

i am a caring person, i pay attn.

i will take her suggestion into acct.

but i think i can ask you to delete her comment off my profile since she has never been here to wwoof with me before, so she is dwelling in ignorance.

correct me if i am wrong, but i believe all comments are to be typed only after direct personal experience of either wwoof host or wwoof apprentice.

in fact we do care that our wwoof apprentices not starve and we tend to each unique situation individually.

recently for example a wwoofer bro did wwoof here successfully with me for a week or 2.
he had $5k in savings and so did not need to tax my charitable non-profit green guerrilla gardening projects with demanding food nor money for food.

if wwoofers come who reveal truth they have zero money, zero income, zero savings; then of course we will team-work to be sure they get their daily needed vegan calories and nourishment.

my ad already explains many ways that can happen.

and finally after all methods of free food are tried on a given day, if they are still hungry, we may just buy low priced staple food to feed them.
for example organic avocados b/c then we can plant the pits to make new food trees !

besides, part of the "work" wwoofers are asked to do is the maneuvers to feed themselves, which i can guide and help, show them the gardens and fruit trees and behind health food stores etc where free organic vegan food might be.

excess produce from behind natural food stores if inedible can be composted to nourish our plantings; if edible or even out-dated packaged organic vegan foods ready to eat, then enjoy divine providence.
you are fed. you will be fed. your own wwoofer work might help you feed yourself.
finally if a wwoofer is awesome helper, and vegan edge, and pleasant personality joy to pal around with doing good deeds, then of course i will even buy organic vegan food etc to share with them if all other ways and methods of procuring foods have fallen short on a given day.

but nobody is safe on earth: aliens could invade, natural disasters, nuke bombs can ruin our day/lives, anything can happen, branches and trees can fall onto campers, road accidents with cars etc and buses, train wrecks, plane crashes, wwoofers risk to even transport to travel to any wwoof host.

wwoof hosts are not deities with full command of super-natural powers to promise and guarantee wwoof apprentices anything.

we all try our best and work together as cooperative team.

how about wwoof apprentices help co-create the reality they want, instead of just expecting it all to just be there for them upon arrival ?

if you want land, buy me land and i share it. if you want food, buy me food and i share it.

i was also a wwoof apprentice on a wwoof host farm that was a for profit commercially selling vegetables farm with tractor, 20+ acres, houses, cars, paid employees, etc; and there i did not get given free room and board: i had to bring my own camp gear, camp outside in winter rains, and feed myself [tho some 2nds veggies were up4grabs to anyone on farm, the first rate veggies were to be sold.

and i enjoyed the experience, loved the nature and farm scene, and would have liked to stay longer, till srivast.org gets his California ashram, which i am to be manager on-site.
when that does happen, then hosting wwoofers will be more conventional perhaps.

for now, if any intelligent person reads my lengthy ad in full, they can see we are a vegan edge tribe who do team-work to care for all each others needs.

it is camping, and green guerrilla gardening.

it is charitable non-profit.
that means we do the good deeds for free, we do not get paid by folks we serve.
donations are welcome but usually not even asked for and therefore rarely offered.

also we already mentioned options to sleep at couchsurfing.org et al hosts, then garden with us by day.

many options.

come help make the vision reality. co-create.
if any of you wwoof apprentices think it is easy to snap fingers and magically have a wealth of money and farm-land and home-land to share freely with anyone/everyone who may just show up, well, then, please snap your magic li'l fingers and then share all your homelands and farm-lands and organic vegan food buying wealth with me in California and i will be your humble li'l woofer praying for all the organic vegan food i can eat daily to keep me healthy and strong to be able to work my tail off greening the earth, growing food bearing plants, misc, etc.

i understand both sides b/c i am both wwoof apprentice as well as wwoof host.


i invite positivity ! positive emails. positive phone calls. positive visitors. positive attitudes.


if you have vehicle, i have fuel funds to split gas costs to tour CA camping w/my 1/2 price state parks camp pass and wwoofing organic farms, traveling together.


i am interested to "wwoof" with you on your farm/garden/orchard/nursery scene in my beloved home state of CA! to make long distance travel {sans convenient car-ownership} worth-while i prefer maximum long term available if possible, otherwise open.

for more words, and pics, please see my wwoofusa host ad " VEGGAN "

i am vegan:
never drugs/alcohol/smoking, no pets.

12+ good refs under my original poetry at my blog:

include an inbox message so i know who you are a wwoof California host etc, thanks, that way i know to approve/accept your add/friend request right away: then we can trade seeing one another's pics, info, etc.

831-425-3334 it is simply
voice-mail --^ so please say your phone twice or thrice+ several times clearly enunciating well, especially if using mobile cell phones notorious for crackling or blanking in/out of reception, so i can surely hear every single digit of your full telephone number including area code, to enable me to phone you back from land line phones using my calling card, thanks. my VM greeting has a ten minutes greeting with original poems recited by me etc to help you "get to know me" a bit, otherwise for subsequent calls if you wish to bypass greeting anytime simply press the *star*asterisk*key* then begin speaking your ten minutes detailed message with address location and directions how to get there, after first saying your phone 4+-_- times up front first, thanks.

my name is Star*


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