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Pahoa, HI US

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Very beautiful and spacious certified organic farm a few miles from Pahoa, with gorgeous views of the ocean in the distance, beautiful orchards of various fruit trees and coconut palms, wide open grassy spaces, and forest/jungle areas as well.

We have quite a variety of fruit trees (tangerines, lemons, limes, bananas, avocado, jackfruit, breadfruit, papaya, longan, rambutan, lychee, rollinea), some trees still relatively young, and others more mature. We also have many low-bearing Malaysian and Samoan coconut palms, just beginning to bear fruit.

We have erected several greenhouses where we grow organic tomatoes, zucchini, various greens, herbs, and other items, and we have a few outdoor garden beds where we plant assorted other vegetables. We also have chickens at our farm, and four very cool dogs.

Our farm is off-grid, with solar power and water catchment, and we have some satellite wireless internet service, and even Dish Network satellite tv here. There are several cabins on the property, with a few private or semi-private sleeping rooms, and clean shared indoor kitchen and bath facilities, in addition to a couple of raised, screened-in, and metal-roofed tent platforms/enclosures for those who prefer a more outdoorsy experience.

(Please note that smoking, drugs, and heavy drinking are not allowed at our farm, and those who have little interest in organic farming or farm work, but who may be looking only for a place to stay while on a Hawaii vacation, are not going to be a great fit here.)

We provide a beautiful environment and comfortable accommodations to pleasant, considerate people who are willing to work physically when it's time to work, whether outside helping to take care of the fruit trees or the gardens, or inside in the greenhouses, helping to produce wholesome food. After work, we're happy to encourage everyone to relax, take it easy, enjoy the farm, and enjoy the rest of the Big Island. If this sounds good to you, please get in touch with us!

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