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Here in the Great Northeast, in a tiny corner of the world, we have a small space where we grow organic food using permaculture, raised beds, llamas for fertilizer, and the many blessings of Gaia, our Great Earth Mother.

OUR little FARM is a homestead and sanctuary. Many plants, animals and insects work together to feed us and our community. We are not a certified organic farm, but we are fully committed to no pesticides or other toxic substances. Our farm is a safe haven to live and learn about nature.

MEALS here mostly fend for yourself so bring food! If we are making a family meal, which happens on occasion, but not frequently, you will be invited. You are welcome to share our food, and we expect you to also contribute more of the same high quality organic food that we enjoy to the communal household stash. In other words, woofers with some type of income are highly desirable, as this is a teaching farm, not a room and board situation.

RIGHT NOW we have traveling woofers who visit short term. You would be welcome to remain here for up to a month if you are willing to help us continue with the farm work that has to be done and have a strong desire to learn about new ways of homestead farming. We have land in VT that we are also working and can use some assistance with building trails. We are still learning about the ecosystem there.

PLEASE expect me to ask you to mail or email copies of your passport and driver's license and references should you wish to come visit us and become a potential woofer. So far our woofers worked out beautifully; they did not hesitate to provide ID and references. If this is something that you are not willing to do, we understand, and we wish you the best of luck with another farm.

I am primarily looking for people who are interested in learning about raised bed micro-farming, herbology, soil building, ecosystem health, bee keeping and working with llamas. If you have building skills, and can run a chainsaw, that is always a big help. Ideal folks would be two people who wish to stay in the barn loft, help tend the gardens and animals, and go outside and play when we are not working.

Your children are welcome here depending on the situation. We will want to talk in greater detail as sometimes children fit in, other times they do not, depending on their age, ability and behavior. We believe in learning together, so children visiting with their parents are always a possibility.

Please be willing to put in some occasional hard work with us cutting wood, shoveling, hauling hay, building fences, moving soil, and also share in the housework if you use our house. I am currently working on building a second, much larger greenhouse, which will expand our garden once again for the spring. There's a LOT to do during the growing season, but our style of gardening is all raised beds with cattle panel trellises. You'll like the ease of both planting, weeding and harvesting produce.

We have a nice barn with a loft for overnight comfort, it allows a pleasant blend of both outdoor and indoor times. There's a big fire pit outside the barn, near the house for sitting round the fire at night. We also have a brightly lit outdoor composting kybo toilet that is a wonderful sanctuary. You will love it, I hear it's the main attraction of our farm for some woofers.

We have a vast library and much information to share. We make our own herbal tinctures, liniments and fermented veggies. If you'd like to learn more about herbal remedies and other ways to be healthy, this is a great opportunity. It's a free place to live in exchange for a learning opportunity about maintaining a small micro-farm and of course, bountiful veggies and strawberries too.

We are beekeepers, so if you are allergic to bees, this may not be the right place for you. I am becoming yoga teacher certified and practice a lot of yoga as you can imagine. I also teach three classes per week, one here on the farm, and am certified to teach Breath Body Mind yoga for trauma.

Since we are a non-commercial and small scale family micro farm, the work here is fairly chill except when we are doing something serious like moving a bunch of hay right before a rain storm, or harvesting and canning produce. There are two dogs, five cats, five llamas and two bee hives to care for, beds to build, plants to tend, and plenty of time to also go outside and play.

I do mean play, by the way. We have rivers to run, lakes to paddle, cliffs to climb, trails to hike. If you have a mountain bike, so much the better. Road biking can include Vermont, New York and Mass in a nice loop from our farm. Work can be strenuous at times, such as when we are hauling dirt from the farmer and building raised beds. Mostly we are relaxed. We occasionally build trails, cut down trees and haul wood.

For recreation, we have built several miles of trails here in the woods for mountain biking and hiking, plus we are on the border of state and national wildlife sanctuaries and parkland.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need a vehicle to woof here with us as there's no public transportation available. You will also need your own income as this is more of a learning space than a straight out farm. We collaborate with our local friends and have an extended community of people who help us, as we help them.

Please only contact us if you are sincere about wanting to live, learn, work and share a small homestead microfarm.

THIS winter we have hosted several woofers already, and are still open to hosting a few sincere folks with references and vehicles. In case you are wondering, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs are discouraged here at our sanctuary.

Thank you so much.

Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti.


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