Myrtle Glen Farm

Myrtle Point, OR

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We are a 27 acre organic farm and forest in the foothills of the coast range of southern Oregon. Mostly pastureland with llamas, and goats, we have dreams of growing wine grapes or other crops. There is an established orchard of Apples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Cherries, Filberts, and Figs..and a large/market vegetable garden that is currently producing food for Farmers Markets and other retail stores. The main house, with a large kitchen is open to use, has carefully tended cottage permacultured gardens surrounding it that bloom with many heritage plants and flowers. There is a large separate yoga/work-out studio, a digital project recording studio and satellite internet. Bordered by forest in various stages from 100 years old, the land is completely private and is a 20 minute scenic drive from the nearest town. There is a beautiful mountain creek that runs the length of the property, with an awesome swimming hole and endless opportunities for nature hiking adventures along it, as well as old growth forest a 30 min. drive into the mountains from the farm. The pacific ocean and world renown Oregon coast are an hour away. With the large vegetable garden(1/4 acre), and native tree nursery, there is ample opportunity to be involved in growing plants and food, from greenhouse, to lathe-house, to weeding and tending, to harvest. There is every kind of work available in the care and maintenance of an organic farm, as well as eco-forestry, construction, fence-building, compost building and animal care. A WWOOFer manager(s)will be who you interact with and learn from mainly, as well as the farm owner when available. There are two rooms available in the studio building, and a 17' dome tent (with wood floor)that is warm weather rooming. Many incredible tent sites exist in complete privacy. Winter is wet, so we limit to one hardy couple or individual, and begin accepting applications for next seasonal manager in Nov. Spring(May-June) can accommodate at least 4 and summer up to 6. Lengths of stay are negotiable, though at least two weeks is required, as time spent in training needs to be returned in help. No pets, there are plenty here. Kids welcome in the spring/summer. Ample parking for truck, trailer, camper or bus/home. Airport and bus station are an hour away, and transport can be arranged. On and off site during your stay is possible by ride sharing and networking. Come prepared to be early risers, willing workers, help in home care, food prep(simple fare), and bring your own goodies. Work is 6+ hours each day, with weekends free to adventure, explore and participate in what you want. We are actively involved in community eco-events and action projects, and wide open to suggestions, passions, and experience. Come prepared to interact genuinely and graciously with others, learn about yourself and laugh.

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