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Eddy Solei - as a river enthusiast and farmer who lives off the grid, I came up with the name Eddy Solei. The recirculating current of the sun.. This is a fresh project. I built the main house. The trailer I lived in is now being used as the hen house.

This Summer(11) I hope to construct a greenhouse, and start perennial crops of Asparagus, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Strawberries.

Hopefully I will also be able to construct a duck habitat and tend to a couple of grass lambs.

UPDATE: 11/02/11 well I'm ready to plant in the spring! I decided to wait on the animals one more season so I could focus on the infrastructure. ready to roll.

Update 10/25/12 First i would like to thank all of those that contacted me throughout the season to help here at eddy solei. Un-fortunately I had to slow the growth time frame down a bit to recover from some financial hardship. As of now I think I'm back on track to finish construction in the spring of 2013.

first will be to build cistern and green house, which will be attached to the main house pictured. it will surround the east, south, and west. second will be to put up build some quarters for wwoofer's/ farm manager.

third with the beams on site and ready to go now I'll put up a barn for the karakul lamb's.

for small construction breaks we'll get some small scale gardening rolling.

In spring of 2012 i did get 100 crowns os aspearagus in the ground. they developed some good strong healthy roots this season and hope for a small first crop in 2013. Thanks Liz for your help weeding the bed looks great.

*********** looking for some I/T help*****************
********looking for 501(c) set up help**************
******looking for winter caretaker 2013/2014*******

So with all that said. during the winter if anyone has web page development skills, i would be thrilled to build a web page blog combo over the long hard winter.
I am also interested in getting set up as a 501(c). Again any college students looking to gain some experience in setting up a 501(c) your help would be appreciated and hopefully compensated.
finally, If anyone out there has sheep breeding husbandry skills. I'll be looking for a caretaker for the winter of 2013/2014. housing, skiing, and possible financial compensation for this.

Woofers can stay as long as you wish. Its a great area for recreation and I encourage Woofers to spend as much or more time enjoying the regions outdoor opportunities in exchange for some help on the farm construction. From building, irrigation, composting to hopefully harvesting.

Accommodations: (4/12) I have purchased a 28 ft camp trailer with bathroom, master bedroom, dining area, and couch. i will fix it up the month of april 2012. hopefully all the appliances will work :) so i have a place to stay. this is first come first serve. or for an individual that would be interested in staying around for the winter to help with the sheep.

10/12--- sold the trailer. i will build some quarters in the spring.
and also have a tee pee to put up :)

Transportation. You'll need to get to the area by yourself. Reasonable requests to pick-up near by.

Please no children, I'm not comfortable with construction and kids as a safe combination.

English with a little spanish.

As a chef of over 20 years I will take pride in providing meals to accommodate anyone.

I also have a variety of recreational toys for use of volunteers.

Come enjoy the west side of the Teton's.

update 4/12: I'm hoping to get 2 ewes and a ram of a rare breed of sheep. the Karakul (fat bottom lamb). I'm trying to sell a truck to pay for the sheep and to contract a barn for them.

again this is a fresh project and unfortunately i still have to work to fund this. i work wednesday thru monday at 2pm til 11pm. you are welcome to come out stay and play as long as you can help on my days off.

Peace, Gordo

some tag words . solar, off grid, permiculture, homesteading, natural building, construction, husbandry, farm manager, web help, 501(c)

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